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Vol. I, pg. 64G.pdf
Letter from unknown to Harry George advising Harry George to contact Dr. Jason E. Talmage about mummified specimens.

Vol. II, pg. 310D.pdf
Invoice from Wyandotte Manufacturing Company to Harry George listing a few items and prices.

Vol. II, pg. 310C.pdf
Letter from Charles A. Wright to Harry George noting an enclosure of a photograph of a drum and discussing the same.

Vol. II, pg. 307A.pdf
Copy of the World Traveller magazine including articles "Out of the Trenches for Christmas" and "Dwellers of the White Rock"

Vol. II, pg. 308A.pdf
Letter from C.L. Woods to Harry George noting he cannot furnish Harry George with baskets, but provides several dealers that he can contact.

Vol. I, pg. 274E.pdf
Harry George personal notes including a list of reports and publications.

Vol. I, pg. 274D.pdf
Invoice from Willis Witte to Harry George including a Winnebago bag and price.

Vol. I, pg. 274B.pdf
Letter from Willis Witte to Harry George discussing a bag set aside for purchase, status of obtaining Iroquois material, and asking Harry George to describe a Kiaha mentioned in a previous letter.

Vol. I, pg. 274A.pdf
Invoice from Willis Witte to Harry George including an account balance.

Vol. I, pg. 273E.pdf
Invoice from Willis Witte to Harry George including numerous items and prices.
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