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Grace Nicholson Collection

Vol. II, pg. 53B.pdf

The collection of correspondence between Grace Nicholson and Harry George. Includes 61 letters and 2 postcards between August 8, 1908 and June 2,…

F.D. Letton Collection

Vol. II, pg. 6C.pdf

The correspondence between F.D. Letton and Harry George. Includes 34 letters, 1 postcard, and one newspaper article between November 11, 1910 and…

Francis LaFlesche Collection

Vol. I, pg. 283B.pdf

Letters and materials from Francis LaFlesche, an Omaha man working for the Bureau of Ethnology.

J.E. Standley Collection

Vol. II, pg. 141B.pdf

Letters, invoices, and catalogs from J.E. Standley of Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle, Washington.

Vern Thornburgh Collection

Vol. I, pg. 283F.pdf

Letters and other materials from Vern Thornburgh of Lincoln, Nebraska.

W.H. Case Collection

Vol. I, pg. 89A-L.pdf

Letters and materials from photographer and dealer W.H. Case of Juneau, Alaska.